Pakistan Election Integrity Initiative

At Facebook, we are committed to doing our part to protect and safeguard the integrity of the electoral process in Pakistan by ensuring that the accounts of politicians and political parties are secure, and that people have access to reliable information and diverse perspectives.

It includes:

  • We launched our third-party fact checking product in July 2018
  • Roll out of online security mailers to admins of Politician and Party pages
  • The release of the Facebook Guide for Politicians and Political Parties, to support engagement with followers and information security
  • Launch of our ad transparency product that allows people to view all ads a Page is running on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger
  • Launch of our Page transparency product that allows people to view more context about a Page like admin locations and history of a Page
  • Run False news ad campaign with tips on how to spot false news on Facebook, in partnership with MediaMatters and EngagePakistan